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Black Crayon

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

'You are who you hang around with'?

We've heard the statement "you are what you eat" countless times, but what about "you are who you hang around with"?

What sparked this post: Bitchie Life.

To an extent, your friends are a reflection of what you are, because birds of a feather, do flock together right?

(Left to Right :  Lala Vasquez, Kim Kardashian and Kelly Rowland)

Most close friends, usually have things in common.  It could be: hobbies, similar personality, fashion sense etc. which would draw you in to hanging around with that person.
Let's take the three ladies up there as an example....what do they have in common? 
All I could think of:
  • They are all celebrities
  • 2 have been/are in marriage.
  • 2 have supposedly had plastic surgery.
  • 2 have been involved with sport figures/athletes.
  • They've all had magazine covers...I think
(If you can think of anymore, comment and I'll be sure to add it)
But obviously, although they may seem v. different, they must have other common things they share...

  • One has a child.
  • One has a sex tape and a supposed long list of people she has hooked up with/dated.
  • One can sing.
  • One appears to be an "attention whore".
  • One has posed nude more than once.
  • One is a TV personality.
  • One has a business...
And the list goes on...

Anyways, it's like having a friend who's a slut, but may be a such a sweet and friendly girl inside and you're totally the opposite.
You may be completely different, but just being friends with her could damage your reputation/how others see you.
Being labelled as something you're not, definitely doesn't sound like fun.
For example, when I saw Serena Williams and Kelly Rowland hanging around with Kim K, I thought what the hell are girls like them doing with Kim Kardashian?
(Justin Beiber and Kim K having lunch together was defo a WTF moment.)

Attitudes are contagious, good and bad and whether you know it or not "they're rubbing off on you" (Jack Canfield).
If you surround yourself with ambitious, high achieving, go getters then it's most likely going to benefit you in the end.
"Successful people surround themselves with successful people. Plain and simple." - Jack Canfield. Just as lazy, unambitious people hang around with other people like themselves.

I've definitely had to get rid of rubbish friends, cut the ties with friends who I personally didn't feel would benefit me in anyway/were any good.
Because, friends influence you in so many ways, both good and bad.
All I wanna do is live my life, happily! Without drama. Without people who carry around a negative label.
I wanna reach my goals, achieve my dreams and become successful without lowlifes dragging me down.
Surround yourself with positivity and it'll definitely pay off!

My mother always said, be careful of the friends you choose, she definitely was right.

What's your take on this topic?

"Friends are like melons; shall I tell you why? To find one good you must one hundred try." -- Claude Mermet



  1. Well said Deedee. Who needs to be surrounded by that. I'm sure we all have friends we need to divorce.

  2. If you are a group of photographers and graphic designers why don't you get your name out there by shooting candid fashion street stuff (satorialist) for bloggers to post. Bloggers always publish the names of their sources...

  3. divulgando :)

  4. @ Cupcake: we all have friendships that we need to reevaluate and yeah, right now, we're discussing the idea :) Thanks for suggesting it!