Black Crayon

Black Crayon

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


There's no denying perfection and genius when its seen. But when you have that image, you know...

I'm self motivated most of the time but like all people striving for perfection and greatness, I find inspiration and do my research.

A great and world renowned photographer is Matthew Rolston. Have a look at the site, I'm sure you'll look at images in amazement.

I appreciate good art, good images and I believe if im doing anything similar, then why would I settle for anything less?  Anyways, have a look at these pics taken from Matthew Rolston's website.

I think the above is sheer genius. 
The cast of 'True Blood'

As much asI hate her, She looks amazing in this photo. 
Lady Gaga

Anyone that gets to photograph the legend in an actual shoot and not for a newspaper deserves respect. 
Michael Jackson

The lighting in this just suits her perfectly. Gives her that grieving widow or even a dark bride look. Amazing.
Jennifer Hudson

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  1. Thanks for comin' through to my side of the blog'o'sphere. Glad to have dropped by here! And I completely agree w/ your MJ statement on this post! I've never seen that photo, gotta share it now! :)