Black Crayon

Black Crayon

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Who am I

"Who am I?"

A complex question wrapped so succinctly that many of us would like to think we know the answer. The poets from "My Love" (with a few new additions) address the question in their new anthology "Who am I?"

At The End Of It All - Angie Nwokedi
This poem was a wonderful way to start the series of the poems. From the colourful vocabulary to the
vivacious imagery across the poem.

How can I explain The Blood? - Catherine Sarpong
"To be Saved, I must Drown?" Cleverly written. This is one of those poems that left me thinking, it's like your favourite film that every time you watch it - you discover something new.

Identity - Edidiong Udoh
An uplifting poem we can all learn from, it teaches us that we should all stand tall, that we are amazing and we are simply, who we are.

I am - Francis Xavier Labiran
"I preach egotistical verses of fortune based dreams, where I transform my woman from my wife to my queen"
Beautifully written, the poem took us on a journey, intelligently weaving it's way through the many components that make up the poet. Then to defiantly tell us "judge me as you wish, because I am" - because really, we should all think like this too!

Memoirs of a point five - Kimberley Kasirowore
Addressing the politically incorrect, the poet took what being biracial was to new levels. Culture is important to us all and although the piece addressed Zimbabweans, it can actually apply to us all.

I am Champion - Mary Akinsulire
"I feel like I'm at the back of the class, behind Superman, Barbie and Super Mario"
This poem was so cute, quirky and actually made me smile! It also came with a lesson, that to find ourselves, we have to find God.

I am a Virgo Man - Musa Jebak
I liked how I could imagine this during a spoken word session. I felt like the poet was speaking directly to me! This poem was just beautiful.

Two worlds - Ossie
There was just something so natural, earthy and ethereal bout this poem - one of the new additions to Wordjar and I must say what an entrance.

Foreigner - Quaam Animashaun
"My identity consists of being more than a black man, ultimately there are a thousand and one layers to who I am" I love when poems are so direct! Another amazing take on culture, skin colour and race and something I could actually relate to.

Moonlight - Rachel Twumasi
It was very well done that I got lost in it, like you would with music. This poem combined many elements of life along with religion in such a sophisticated way.

How to be a man - Seyi Ezekiel The Poet
In society today, the media bombards males with a variety of things on what they should and shouldn't be - many of which are wrong. It was delightfully refreshing to read a young man's take on what it means to be a man (guys, take note please and thank you :)).

And you are...? - Truth Poetic
"I want to see your soul and feel your aura" This was the perfect poem to end the anthology. Something so easy to identify with, it brings out the vulnerability in us all - it was simply divine.

This is the second anthology Wordjar has released and I must say I was not disappointed; the anthology is one I've read multiple times and I still love it. It makes me want to start writing poetry again! And hey, maybe it'll kickstart your journey into finding out who you really are...

Intrigued by the review? Download the anthology here