Black Crayon

Black Crayon

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


So as a fresher, everyone wants to join societies, make friends and find their footing... Usually within the first month, but naturally such is harder for some more than others. Being black, I thought being ACS president would have a positive outcome on my future. You know, looks good on your cv and that. Maybe I could have made a change and improved aspects of the uni and socialising techniques especially amongst African-Caribbean students, but it's only when you get to university that you realises ACS is not what it seems...

To become president at my university, you'd have to have known pretty much everyone in the uni (everyone black certainly) and worked you way up the ranks amongst those people. Now this isn't in terms of smarts or intelligence but rather how much wasteful spending you do going to raves, "buying out the bar" and the amount of 'garms' your student loan can get you. All this forsaking the fact that if you aren't eating at one next girls house then you'd be starving and really inside your thanking God that the student loans company pay your tuition otherwise your parents would be surprised to see you home a few years early. 

Rant done, ACS president really isn't really a respected title. I dare someone to ask me who my current president is.. And that's not just because I don't care but the fact that not many other people do. In some uni's it's not even a society that receives funding of any sort whereas other uni's have meetings amongst leaders and founders. 

Obama stands for change, you're asking what that has to do with anything? Nothing. But that's not point. Some of these societies collect money from students, put a few DVDs on in a meeting or js a cold hall (whatever you want to call it) and call it an event. I download more DVDs than you could even count. Please don't mock my intelligence. 

For the safety of others, I'm just going to continue not going to ACS meetings, events and other social gathering coordinating by our beloved ACS presidents of past, present and future and just read my books for my sake!

Let me leave you with an image to look at...


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