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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Jasmine Mans goes in on Nicki Minaj...

(Nicki Minaj)
 (Jasmine Mans)

Jasmin Mans, a sophomore student and poet performed her piece about Nicki Minaj, at the University of Wisconsin’s 2010 Stomp Da Madness poetry event.

"You have turned your G-spot into a land-mine"

"And you can’t seem to write a rhyme for your broken daughters
Slaughter, bent over back, ass cracked, bitch slapped, in videos
There is nothing pedal bike pretty about broken
Do you know what this media is trying to do to you?"

 "I think NYC is making you forget you come from Queens"

"You are being stabbed in the back
Inserted with a wind up string and a tag?"
Was Jasmine straight hating?
I honestly enjoyed the piece, the girl is very talented and creative, her flow, her words, were just on point. Her piece highlights some of the things going wrong with women in the media.

Before Nicki Minaj started this "Barbie" sh*t, her music was definitely good, but as an artist, you do have to grow right? Does her change in music style signal "sell-out"?

Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of (some of) Nicki Minaj's music.
Maybe this piece was a way of encouraging Nicki and possibly other female MC's to rap about more positive things for other young girls/women out there.

All Hip Hop featured her on their site and said:
"This is some powerful material here. Poet Jasmine Mans, a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin, is not a rapper, but she has the intellect of a scholar and the bars of a battle MC. But, her poetry contains venom, yet reads like a cautionary letter. She's got some humdingers like, "Don't let them rape the Assata out of you." and "They will Lauryn Hill you"..."

Whereas, Necole Bitchie featured her also and said:
"In the last ten years, most of the girls that came into the rap game used their sexuality to attract consumers but people were okay with that because for every Foxy Brown & Lil Kim, you had a Missy Elliot or Lauryn Hill to balance it out.
Amongst the men, the expectations for some rappers are lower, because for every Plies, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame and Soulja Boy (no disrespect to any of these artists), you have a Common, Jay-z, Kanye West, J Cole, & Drake which gives the rap game balance.
With Nicki being the only female rap artist that has that type of commercial success in 2010, people expect her to be everything they want out of the female rap game."

If you wanna see the transcript for this video click here.

Make sure to check CEO's recent post on this issue (of female MC's and sexual themes) and comment - it's definitely an eye-opener!

"People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy."- Oliver Goldsmith


  1. I don't see Nicki Minaj as a particularly good role model, so I kind of agree with her. I don't think she's hating, just telling the truth really!

    I don't see WHY Nicki Minaj has to rap about things that are demeaning for women.

    Remember Miss Dynamite (a little bit different but yeah..) She did so well and gave so much power and inspiration to women through her songs, so clearly you can make money in the right way.

  2. It's true!
    Some of her music is alright, but if we actually pay attention to the lyrics, she does use some inappropriate stuff, but it's not to the stage at which Lil Kim/Trina are on.

    Miss Dynamite is actually a v.good example, because she just goes to show that you can be a female MC, make positive music and still make it far in the music industry without having to say demeaning stuff/sexual/explicit stuff.

    Nicki knows how big this "barbie movement" is and so she should know how many young girls want to be exactly like her...