Black Crayon

Black Crayon

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Why I hate the MOBO's

Before I start can I just say, I'm not wrecking the MOBO's and not sending for any of the artists or the creator. I'm just stating my view. 

So the MOBO's is an awards show for black artists on the UK music scene. Erm sorry, last time I checked two thirds of NDubz was White. I mean well done to them for winning multiple awards over the years but I just feel like I'm being lied to. It's like going to a black panther meeting and seeing someone in the front row with a white mask/hood up.

I think they should change their Lil motto thing or their mission statement because clearly it's not an award for black UK artists but rather an award for UK artists no matter their denomination. 

Now, artists get on the stage of the MOBO's like they've reached the peak of their career and that the MOBO's is their last accomplishment on their list before they die. 
The MOBO's are not that big. Hopefully one day they will be but artists should take their MOBO's home, throw it in a box and figure out a way to break into a wider industry. 

Artists are too comfortable and think they're so good and have bars for days in which the label can't drop them for. Well sorry, without naming guys, you can get dropped quicker than pennies. No artist should sit back and relax, break into markets and get to a level in which can be classed as music industry domination. Why settle for a MOBO when Grammy's are better? Heck, a bloody MTV moon man shatters any glass moulded into a MOBO award. 

Don't be so lazy and make my ear bleed with GOOD music. None of that crap you were spitting in your previous albums but on another track. Some of us aren't stupid and won't buy your recycled lyrics. 

That's all I have to say.

MOBO's stop shitting on the representation you're giving out even if it's just to me and artists grow a set of balls and brave into other industries. If you did it once, you can do it again especially since you have financial backing. 



  1. AGREED!! 100%!!

    To be honest, I lost interest in the MOBOs way back when Justin Timberlake won an award. I was like HUH??

    I blame the rebranding of black music into URBAN music for the shift in the MOBO mentality. Perhaps I am wrong? I do have a habit of blowing some things out of proportion :(

    I did watch a little of this year's MOBOs I noticed the return of the reggae award...when did that happen? In my opinion no serious music award can miss out reggae and bashment! That's just folly!!!

    I give up with this modern music. I still listen to Vinyls so WHAT THE HELL DO I KNOW!! lol

  2. I'm not actually black but I do agree with you. And to be honest, most black UK music this year has been learning towards pop. Since when did being black mean you fall into the category of urban music?
    I know the MOBO's used to be more focused towards black artists (which should be expected as it IS in the name!) however it seems to have trailed off more recently...

    Oh and for that matter, I hate n-dubz' music. It's crap.

  3. I glad im not the only one.. I thought I was just being grinchy but Mobo's are't something I see to hold any value. All music is just a big blend of mess right now. Sort of like Cher Lloyd on a Saturday evening. I still listen to those old time classics to remind me what real music is..

    Don't get me wrong, music of today is good (most of it, not all) but someone should take it back and hit us wit something classic. I see Kanye being the only one that could deliver such a task.

    Oh and N-Dubz... I actually prefer Wagner from X Factor. They're a mockery of music all together.

  4. Yeah, I totally agree with that!

    Cher is absolutely slaughtering all the classics :(

    And I love Kanye too!

    I agree that some music is good, but I really haven't heard much refreshing stuff lately.

    I was really hoping for some good stuff and got excited when I heard Dirtee Cash from Dizzee. Then he went and released Dirtee Disco.

    I think Mark Ronson is producing some pretty good tracks at the moment!

    And I'm kind of glad dubstep is making a comeback in it's own way. Remember old garage? Those days are gone :(

  5. Ahhhhh garage was the one!!! Before and after it turned violent but before it changed to grime...

    Sad times...