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Black Crayon

Monday, 30 August 2010


So I had a big moan the week before coming to Ireland. I said it was going to be crappy and that I'd be bored out of my head. Well I was half right. It isn't great fun but in the absence of "fun", I've spent my time doing much more valuable things.

Can't be bothered to go into all the little bits and bobs that I had been doing but I feel it's been one of my most productive weekends of a long and useless summer holiday.

Free wifi in the hotel lobby has played a big part to my productivity this weekend. But reaching my family's house filled with family friends and family themselves brings reality as to how annoying they an be sometimes. Funnily enough, my followers on twitter know me to be complain about my grand-people but it's not even them...

Ah well. You can't pick your family so embrace them and take them as they are even with their annoying habits and actions... Or beat 'em up. But that's down to you!!!!

Won't tell you what I did. lol.

Here's a couple of pics I took whilst I was out there...

UNFORTUNATELY, Uploading pics to this is sooooo long so I think i'll post the links for the pics on fb... 

This was the car we were given... There would be no chance of me even looking at this car if it wasn't given to us... It's actually one beautiful drive although it doesn't pick up speed as quick as I want it to, but definitely great for a first car


Friday, 27 August 2010

1st post

Hi there! Welcome to Black Crayon.

Right... I'm new to this whole blogging thing which is surprising seeing as I'm kind of a media nerd. You're probably wondering who "I" am. The names Yemi. I'm one of the few faces behind Black Crayon. This blog isn't only going to be updated by me because those who know me, know I don't talk much... unless you follow me on twitter... In which case hi again.

I'm told blogging helps to reach audiences but also give an insight of the persons or people behind the branding so hopefully you'll get to know us better and see what we're about.

Erm.. I'm trying to make this first entry as long as I can so I'm going to waffle a bit.
So... I'm a student studying multimedia technology up in Birmingham and I'm probably the main face behind Black Crayon.

Black Crayon is a graphic design and photography orientated, small business. Formerly we were known as Urban Myth Graphics and decided to go through a little rebranding of the business. This has worked out well and our business is expanding and clientele are giving us positive feedback and constantly complimenting our work. (We must be doing okay right?)

We also do web design although not advertised as much as graphic design and photography but quotes can always be obtained.

I think I'm kind hearted sometimes, although many may argue that, I like to give back or just offer things at random. From time to time, we at Black Crayon offer free shoots and even some give aways... But again... Random... A rapper once said "A girl that asks for nothing will get everything, and a girl that asks for everything will get nothing... It's not what I WILL do, it's what I CAN do". Take that how you want it.

Hopefully in due time you'll hear from the rest of the team but for now whilst I'm in a hotel in Ireland, I'm off and hope this is a wonderful beginning.

Ugh... I wna give you all a pic... lemme drop the one a lot of guys are hassling me about..

Nicquel or @N1kkiLondon 
Location: Canary Wharf