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Black Crayon

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Word Jar

Are you ready for "Who am I"?

Formerly, "Write to Inspire", WordJar not only have a new site and look, they also have new and exciting projects to come!
If you missed their beautiful debut anthology, "My Love", download it for FREE here 
Visit Wordjar for more.

That's what friends are for...

Earlier this week, nude photos of 27 year old Amber Rose hit the net and she has taken to twitter to squash rumors that these photos were sent to Nicki Minaj's boyfriend Safaree.
P.S. I've just noticed that I've never seen a picture of Safaree without shades on...
"...I DID NOT send pics to anyones boyfriend pls stop with the lies. Its so ridiculous...the media never wants to see anyone happy...I trusted someone that worked 4 me & allowed them to use my laptop a million times, I caught this person sending my pics to themselves and I fired this person immediately Wiz & I & both of our families have known about this for 2 months now...those pictures r 2 1/2 years old just sitting in my computer...I would never put those pics out of myself...the company that I was working with no longer wants to work with me because of these pics and that prevents me from getting money to take care of my family...thank u for all of ur support."
Firstly, Amber Rose is an ex-stripper, what do people expect? Secondly, (if what Amber says is true) why would she allow anyone to use her laptop knowing such pics were present on her laptop? Thirdly, I wonder who these pics were for?!
So many questions...
When will people learn?! Or should I say when will CELEBS learn? This is not the first (nor is it the last) time naked photos of celebrities bussing it open have "leaked".
I'm sure this is not the last time we'll hear of this picture!
Whatever happened, I do admire Nicki & Amber (in their own ways of course) and I hope they can get through this. 

Monday, 27 June 2011


Last night I was invited to a friends house for dinner. She has been a good friend that I've known and kept in contact with since primary school so its safe to say she is my oldest friend. Irreplaceable!
Basically, she was hosting a 'Come Dine With Me' style dinner party in which she served a 3 course meal and we donated towards her cause.
Had a great evening of laugh's and great food! Honestly, I didn't know how well she cooked! Even caught up with people I hadn't seen in ages.
All round it was a great evening, but the highlight of it all was the rant of one of the guests about Africans. She had so much to say about them but it was all so true and all so funny.
The was the issue of a woman who got on a bus in Charlton, South East London, whilst on the phone and got to North Greenwich before remembering she had left her baby only months old in a buggy where she had got on a bus. I mean, how can someone forget her own child?
Someone said maybe it was her 1st child and wasn't used to having a baby while commuting from one place to another, but with a mother's intuition and all that stuff, shouldn't that baby be almost smothered by its mother?
I just don't see why anyone should forget they have a child especially since she was only having a phone conversation!
Even till now, I refuse to believe that child was hers because, nobody forgets their child anywhere! It's just not right!

Here's a few pics from last night... Good Food!!


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bad Meets Evil - Fast Lane

When I first started listening to this I thought jheeeeeeze... These guys are going in! Went to download it now n I heard something. Royce the 5-9 says, "I made a pact with the Devil that says "I'll let you take me, You let me take this shovel, dig up the corpes, Jack Kevorkian".
Instantly, I cancelled the download and finished listening to the song.

Now, again I will say, the tune is sick!!! Eminem and Royce go hard!! But for that one line, in consideration with my background, upbringing, and religious and all round moral beliefs, I cannot download this. Shame really, it would have sat well on my iPod being blazed in the car. Oh well... for those that want to listen to the song, here it is.

For anyone wanting to read the lyrics in which I also researched to be sure, you can find them here.

Sad really...

Mr. BC

My day so far...

So today I was meant to visit a friend that I hadn't seen in a while. Plans changed.

I'm an early bird so I like to get places early to maximise my time in a day but she likes to sleep late and let her day run late into the eve. I live kind of far from her and her sister and so we agreed a midday point in which to make my way to see them.

This friend of mine has a long running track record for letting me down at the last minute and today was no different from any other day so I'm not sure why i expected different.

Now I find myself sitting in my room playing Call of Duty: Black Ops amongst other useful things that I have set myself to do today and quite content.

Mr. BC

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Long time...

It's been a long time coming. I haven't posted a pic in a while mainly because I have been busy but because I didn't want to give away too much at once. Keeps everyone entertained. Currently trying to do a few projects, anyone have any ideas?

Anyway, here's my pic for now. Hope you like it.

Comments welcome.

Mr. BC

Grim reaper

At a stage of life where certain people are turning me into the above image in which i certainly am not. But to those who are looking for this I could be. This isn't a threat or anything, I'm just saying live life the way you want to live it without being an enemy of progress for another. A girl once said focus on bettering yourself instead of trying to destroy the efforts of others.

As for me, I laugh at those who disturb me because I live life regardless and I'm not one to let people phase me. But if you are reading this and you know this may be about you, stop. You're being silly especially since you know who I am.

Seriously though, I'm not one with a dark soul or nothing, but I just liked the detail in this pic.

Mr. BC