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Black Crayon

Sunday, 12 September 2010


So recently I was introduced to the tv show "Bad Girls Club" and boy-oh-boy I'm glad to be a male. No lie. 

It's like these girls had to feed off each other in one way or another. The excuse of being sexually frustrated was thrown around quite a lot and if I'm honest, I think that was complete bull. They all had something to prove and they needed that to be shown. Its like Big Brother in the UK. 

At the beginning people weren't as aware of the cameras around the house. Heck, it used to be jokes watching people naked in the shower and on the toilet thinking they weren't being seen. Little did they know aye? 
But nowadays everybody that goes in that house knows what they are in for and you can never really tell who's being tel and who's being fake in that house for example, Alex or the bully as people think she was, how do you know she's actually like that in life? I mean, for all we know she could be a target and big bro was her chance to get famous and have constant security. Now I'm not saying this is the case, in actual fact, she scares me lol. But really, just because they portray themselves as something on Big Brother doesn't mean they are like that. 

Back to the main topic, I might come back to this subject later...

So... Bad Girls Club. I watched the whole of season 4 in one day including the two part special reunion. As sad as that may be, I found it highly entertaining. The fights were hilarious. And I'm not a person to care for people on tv shows like that but I actually managed to know their names. The people that know me well are gasping right now, so to them I say, I KNOW!!!

So there was; Kendra; Annie; Natalie; Florina; Amber; Portia and Portia's replacement Lexie. 

Now if you ask me, the person with the most to prove was the self proclaimed, Queen of Los Angeles, Natalie. 
I think deep down she had a life that she was afraid of going back to so she put up this front and had probably the most insecurities in the house. Now for the brutal honesty. Her Jay Leno chin was disgusting. Someone said it just seems like an "invitation for a guy to buss a nut on it". I'll reserve my comment on that but for all of you that know me well, ¬_¬

Let's continue. Her celebrity friends, ok some of them were famous in America (maybe) and some were on RUGBY (American football) teams or Basketball teams but when you class Myles from Moesha as a celebrity, you lose all respect. Sorry but that's like rating Mary-Kate and Ashley. Who does it? 
Kid actors don't always go through fame-puberty and come out the other side still famous. It just so happens you BFF is one of those that have no rep in life anymore and I think if you stick with him and accept that fact that he's not a celeb, that he's not famous and that you get no extra rep for knowing him, Then we can accept you for a normal whore. Yes I said it. Comments welcome.
Apparently she has a man now... If it's Olamide, please note, not all Nigerian guys are bitchy men... most of them are uncles that move little girls or are cool... (Im in that cool catergory). If it's not Olamide, that guy is one stupid dude...
Flo was scary, Annie was a ditzzz, Amber wasn't as hard as she wanted to be but that's ok because she "BROKE" Flo's ankle, Kate was a lying, cheating racist (no, no, no she wasn't racist! She had a coloured tv! *stolen joke*), Kendra was kind of hot but I think she'd sex me dry if I'm honest, Portia is a great mum (not mom) although I have no idea how she's bringing up her daughters and Lexie was pure entertainment.  But after watching, what did the season establish? At least with "Flavour of Love" and "I Love New York" they won something at the end no matter how shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet the prizes were. I guess this is one of those American "everyones a winner" bull-ish lines that slap the rest of us across the face.  If I could throw 7 girls into a house together... Well heres my list.  - Makosi -Anyone that wanted to beat her up lol Nah if I'm honest I haven't really thought about it but I'd love Makosi to be in another house. I want to know of she can actually back her talk up no matter how weak it may be.  Let me not be a bully right now but I'll say this, if she admitted it, we'd all be a lot happier but her country will always hate her. We'll accept her with open zippers! (Such a Deez Nuts moment) Ooh, ooh, ooh! I'd also like to see Charlie in the house and maybe... Superhead, Tiny AND Toya, Lindsey Lohan, Megan Fox and another White female because let's face it, a house with too many black girls would not last for more than a week. 

Before every black female reading this jumps down my throat, think about it. A bunch of girls you can't stand or get along with. All that oestrogen. All that weave being bad mouthed. Someone will lose an eye. Standard. 

Ok. I said I might come back to Big Bro and here we are but I feel like this is just going to be an attack on Makosi. Whatever the case may be, I'm glad its over, yeah I'll miss Davina a little bit but this finale had nothing on Wossy's (Johnathan Ross) last show. I nearly cried for that one, no lie. 
But anyway I feel like if they really wanted to find the ultimate Big Brother housemate, they should have thrown every single housemate ever in there and have a cramped house and evict them 5 at a time. 

Now let's analyse this. 
From Endomol's view, imagine all those people calling in and boosting your viewings thus bringing in a lot more money. 

Safety point of view, this isn't a smart idea because something could go wrong and people could get hurt but let's face it, we could do without a lot of them not being here anymore. 

Viewers view, this would give a wider variety to pick from and then Channel 4 wouldn't tell us who the greatest housemate of all time was but rather, we'd tell Channel 4 who it ACTUALLY was. But that said, congrats to that guy, whatever your name is, I hope you do get presenting jobs because I think you can talk a lot and have the whole country eluded easily. 
All 3 views considered, it's a GREAT idea and I thought of it 1st!

I've given you too much to read so let me leave it there. In a little bit guys. 










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