Black Crayon

Black Crayon

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Introduction...number 2!

Introduction number 2!
As you may know, there's more than one face behind Black Crayon.

Well, I'm Diane.
Currently studying: Psychology, Biology, History and English Literature!
LOL weird that it has nothing to do with media, right?

Photography and graphic design has always been a passion, that started out of making myspace layouts *face in hands* and it started from there!
My position in Black Crayon is as the P.A! So, yeah, that makes Yemi my boss *gags* :)

If I could describe my self in only three words, I would say: intelligent, self-confident and upfront.
But obviously, through my blogging you'll get to see much more of me!

I love to make people laugh and smile, which hopefully my posts will succeed in; but that doesn't mean that my blog will only be about jokes!
I also aim to blog about stuff like: life, celeb news, fashion and of course photography - duh!

A favourite quote of mine: "And why do we fall? ...So we can learn how to pick ourselves up." - Batman.

Anyways,  Bon nuit!
Peep my next posts for more on me and other stuff ;)

Twitter: @DeezDecrees

Signed, sealed, delivered.

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