Black Crayon

Black Crayon

Sunday, 19 September 2010


Does beauty have a color?

Renee Thompson is a 24 year old, black model.
In this is mini documentary, she gives an insight into the struggle black models go through to make it big in the modelling industry.
The video is about 17 min long and appeared on NFB earlier this year.

The whole "white girl dipped in chocolate statement" was a harsh realization that big lips and big noses, typical African features do not "work" in the modelling industry.

"Because they're black and black doesn't sell. Point blank. Money is green and white people have the money, white people are gonna buy from white people." - Dallas J. Logan

For years, it has been argued that not only has there been a lack of ethnic models in on magazine covers, let alone being represented on the runway.

Jezebel did a tally of black models in fashion editorials this August.
The results were mostly 0. (Read article here)
It would be wrong to say that there aren't any new famous black models. We have: Chanel Iman, Oluchi Onweagba, Sessilee Lopez, Jourdan Dunn, Eva Marcille etc etc.

I don't know if it can necessarily be called racism, but there's definitely a set look that designers go far.
It's like they just add token black models, just for the sake of it and that shouldn't be the case.
You would think things would have changed, it's 2010, but it's as if people are stuck in the past.

But, really, will things ever change?
I wish Renee Thompson the best and I hope she finally reaches her dreams!

"Black is beautiful", don't let anybody tell you any different!

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