Black Crayon

Black Crayon

Monday, 20 September 2010


When we spend a whole 3 or 4 terms on school, college or university, we think "I can't wait for the holidays! I'm going to do this, and that, and some more of that!" Well when you actually get to the summer holidays particularly everything just seems to go wrong. One of the main things I planned to do this summer was to find myself in Thorpe Park. Needless to say those plans flopped but I'm not here having a little rant about how a lot of my friends let me down and didn't get back to me therefore the whole planned day being a total disaster and spent either at home of Ashford. I don't remember quite well.  I must say this summer has been one of the worst having looked vigorously for jobs and not having found just one. But all that aside, I think it's been my most productive and beneficial to my future and the lives of others too.  Well now that the summer is almost over I've just received an email telling me when I'm going back into education and I feel like everything I had planned within the remaining weeks have all been limited to fit in a limited time. But I'm a hard worker so I figure I'll get it done. Not with ease but it can only make me stronger.  Anyways guys, back to work!
Somthing I've been working on...


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