Black Crayon

Black Crayon

Sunday, 5 September 2010

iPod Touch

So I'm a bit of an apple geek and so you know how excited I was when I saw the iPhone 4 when it came out... Wow I had my hopes set on that! But to get that meant a whole new contract which really wasn't realistic plus my upgrade is due soon AND on top of that, I have other important things to save up for.

So.... I've put the iPhone on hold especially since there have been talks about the"4G" (THE REAL 4G AND NOT THE CRAP NOOBS ARE TALKING ABOUT) and decided to wait for that one or just get it whenever I feel the need to... But in the meant time, I've just ordered my new iPod touch, meaning i'd have two touch's, 1 nano and 2 mini's (lurking in my house)

*told you i was an apple geek*

Anyways, have a look at this for all who haven't seen it.


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