Black Crayon

Black Crayon

Thursday, 17 February 2011

My Love

The word "anthology" brought me back to my GCSE days.
But "My Love" was nothing like that. This time I flicked through beautiful poetry dripping with intelligent use of real-life, fantasy and romance seamlessly put together in a sleek and sexy black book.
Released to coincide with Valentine's Day and for free, the online anthology is a must-read!


"Play On" (by Chaleboy) was the first poem in the anthology.
"So I told her to play on. Play me a love song with a neo-soul vibe, so I can provide poetic words to coincide."
"I made her play that major that made the hair on my skin rise".
This subtle combination of lovemaking and music was enough to make the hairs on the back of MY neck rise!
The poem was like music on paper, a symphony in text - every word was in synch with each other (you see what I did there? *giggles*).
I must admit, I couldn't get over reading this poem repeatedly, it was like I was reading a modern day, urban sonnet.

"Brown Eyes and Apple pies" - Rae Twumasi
"All we need is each other; life best experienced through one another"
The poem perfect for the couple!
It was a poem I found too cute, from the nose rubbing to the baking of pies, the poem reminded me of the honeymoon period - you know that period when you can't bear a second away from each other/keep your hands off each other!

Love Flight - Angie Nwokedi
"Love me, dote on me and
If I feel y. o. u make sure you feel me to."
Such a sosphisticated poem! It was a mixture of love and pain - the rollercoaster of loving someone - something a lot of us can relate to.
I love how there was happy ending...

The Poetic Beat You Hear My Heart Sing - Lyrical Love
"So here I stand, at the edge of the sea,
Diving in deeper than the fear within me
Delivering this message and my key,
Just so you can release the lock within me"
A short poem that succinctly told the story of a thing we call love.
The last line beautifully wrapped up the poem and I personally think it's also a great poem for love.

Epiphany: Untitled - Jadean Johnson
"...either love or
friendship will surely set her adrift into the harbour of another."
They always say "you never know what you have until it's gone" and this short poem cleverly explained this saying in its entirety.
The kind of poem that never ceases to make you think!

Love on the underground - Suli Breaks
"I don’t just chase anything in a mini skirt and lipstick, my dick’s strict.
That’s when she giggled, that’s how I know I’m doing fine, because all girls laugh at the “dick strict” Line."
Ever caught eyes with the most beautiful/handsome thing on the tube?
My first words were "How clever?"- it takes real wit and humour to come up with and combine such real life and love in a poem like this.
I'm not gonna lie, that "dick strict" line made me chuckle!

Black Rose - Ezekiel the Poet
"...You, Black Rose
How could you be so cold- how does it feel to know that you caused me to give up hope on love..."
I love dark poetry! It was so cold in its description and every line had me wanting to read the next; in essence, this poem made me feel the hurt that oozed out of the poem.

Untitled - Catherine Labiran
"You were a mess, but you did mess best. A mess with moist palms, I was there to massage messages of serenity so the lines on your palm would grow deeper. Love grew steeper."
"You’d promised you’d never leave,
my eyes still glitter, flitter, fluctuations of future, and you’ll come back."
An in depth and passionate poem that once again reminded me of young love.
A definite must-read!

Grey Rose - Francis Labiran
"Your chest against mine
As we salsa, flamenco, foxtrot,
Bump and grind"
"And there is no comfort in the world,
Like the feeling i get,
When i kiss her lips and taste her nectar That has all the bees buzzing.
Yet she only opens her petals,
To let me taste."
A sensual poem to end the collection of love poetry.
It was a beautiful mixture of nature, music and romance that had me wanting more!
The sexual undertones and the subtle elements of music and dance made the poem another modern day sonnet.
Loved it!

Founded by Francis Xavier Labiran in Nov. 2010, "Write to Inspire" is a young and fresh approach to poetry.
With regular poetry blogs, videos and such make sure you check out the website here!

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