Black Crayon

Black Crayon

Monday, 27 June 2011


Last night I was invited to a friends house for dinner. She has been a good friend that I've known and kept in contact with since primary school so its safe to say she is my oldest friend. Irreplaceable!
Basically, she was hosting a 'Come Dine With Me' style dinner party in which she served a 3 course meal and we donated towards her cause.
Had a great evening of laugh's and great food! Honestly, I didn't know how well she cooked! Even caught up with people I hadn't seen in ages.
All round it was a great evening, but the highlight of it all was the rant of one of the guests about Africans. She had so much to say about them but it was all so true and all so funny.
The was the issue of a woman who got on a bus in Charlton, South East London, whilst on the phone and got to North Greenwich before remembering she had left her baby only months old in a buggy where she had got on a bus. I mean, how can someone forget her own child?
Someone said maybe it was her 1st child and wasn't used to having a baby while commuting from one place to another, but with a mother's intuition and all that stuff, shouldn't that baby be almost smothered by its mother?
I just don't see why anyone should forget they have a child especially since she was only having a phone conversation!
Even till now, I refuse to believe that child was hers because, nobody forgets their child anywhere! It's just not right!

Here's a few pics from last night... Good Food!!


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  1. awwwww yem!! eyes...oldest british friend...yup thats you!! <3