Black Crayon

Black Crayon

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Wale (Feat. Tiara Thomas) - The Cloud

This is a tune!!!!

I find myself laying in bed just chilling listening to this. This woman is very talented not to mention Wale just kills tracks. The video is just so mellow, makes me want to smoke some weed and just chill with a bunch of close friends, but two things.
1. I don't smoke weed so i guess thats 1 aspect dead before its even tried
and 2. I don't have that many close friends.
I have friends, but that crowd of people looked so comfortable together. If I was in a group that large I'd be thinking *sensor talks and give 'em nothing*. You never know which one will snake you next (as I have done previously and it has proven to be the wise choice).

I might have to have this on my iPod soon and have it as an alarm... or maybe on my Blackberry... When I finally get it back... (Broke the screen).

But guys, reach the cloud, stay there for a bit, come back to reality when you're ready to take it on again.

Mr. BC

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