Black Crayon

Black Crayon

Monday, 4 April 2011

RIHANNA SET TO DUMP JAY Z AS HER MANAGER spoke with a VERY WELL PLACED insider in Rihanna's camp who told us ALL the juicy details. According to our snitch, Rihanna is concerned about a number of things. First, now that Jay's RocNation company will be managing Beyonce - Rihanna's CHIEF RIVAL for endorsement deals, etc, Rihanna's people fear that there may be a CONFLICT OF INTEREST for Jay to manage his wifey and Rih. For example, if a BIG DEAL is available - will they push RIHANNA for it . . . or BEYONCE (take a WILD guess).

Second - people close to Rihanna are alleging that some FINANCIAL IRREGULARITIES have shown up in Rihanna's relationship with her managers at RocNation. Like, it turns out that Rihanna bought her house from Jigga's partner Jay Brown's sister (who made a HEALTHY FEE on the sale). And that almost ALL of the producers that Rihanna PAID FEES out of her album budget were managed by RocNation (who got a piece of THEIR FEES). And finally, people close to Rih are PUZZLED with Jay Z's choice of having RocNation artist J Cole open for Rihanna. Given her trouble selling tickets it seems ODD to place an artist with VIRTUALLY NO HITS as the opener. But . . . RocNation is getting PLENTY OF FEES out of J Cole.

The insider told, "It seems like [Jay Z's] RocNation is making sure that they have MULTIPLE paychecks coming out of Rihanna, and they're using her to promote their artists. It doesn't seem fair."

So when are we expected to hear an announcement from Rih. The insider told, "soon."


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  1. good, he annoys me :P
    omg JCOLE IS SO GOOD ¬¬