Black Crayon

Black Crayon

Monday, 11 July 2011

There goes my baby

Finally I got my new cam after a lot of dicking around by employers and what a day to get it too. Got a naming to go to this evening so I shall be trying it out to its full extent!

Apart from getting my cam, I've spent a lot on accessories for it before I had the cam itself. In addition to a battery grip I got last year (which was a mistake. Got a 550D grip instead of 500D grip), I thought I'd buy a macro light which is handy, a jessops flash gun which is essential, waiting on a few filters, a new lens is in the house too and wireless triggers. Not all of them are here yet but I took a pic of the macro light and flash.

Yeah I'm super excited!




  1. LOL that was my caption when i got my new camera, mines a 500d
    have fun with your new baby :)


  2. LOOOL... I've been singing that in my head all day! I wna get out and play with it now lol.. I Only got a 550D cz i accidentally bought the 550D grip.