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Black Crayon

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Motherland's new child

South Sudan became the world's newest country (after Kosovo, 2008) and the Motherland's youngest child (after Eritrea, 1993) on Saturday.

"South Sudanese citizens, international dignitaries and the world's newest president swarmed the new country capital of Juba on Saturday to celebrate the birth of a nation". (Yahoo News)
United Nations Secretary-General (Ban Ki-moon) and former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and many other world leaders were attended. Sudan President Omar al-Bashir, "deeply unpopular man in Juba" arrived at the ceremony/party to a mostly boos.
Thousands attended and soon there wasn't even enough seats to accommodate the visiting heads of state(s) and other VIPS.
With the government of Sudan being based in the North, the Southerners felt that they had been discriminated against and many were furious at attempts of Islamic law being implemented in the region.
The black African mostly Christian/following traditional beliefs tribes of South Sudan and the predominately Arab Muslim North have battled two civil wars - spanning across over 50 years with at least 2 million dead from the latest war (1983-2005). See Sudan's timeline here >

(Ethnic group composition)
Although South Sudan is oil-rich - it is now supposed to be in control of approximately 75% of Sudan's daily oil production but has no refineries and so South Sudanese oil will have to flow through the north to reach the world market. It is one of the "poorest and least-developed" countries on Earth.

But, despite this, there is much to celebrate about! Freedom!

I congratulate the new citizens of South Sudan!
LOL read the BBC's "how to set up a country"


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