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Black Crayon

Monday, 28 March 2011

Mr BC's Workout Plan

Of late I've been so hard at work with photography and uni assignments and I've started to realise that I've let myself go a bit. Everyone knows summers coming up so naturally guys like to bulk up towards that summer body. As for me, I just want to feel good about myself. I think my health has been at a lack for some time and it's time I did something about it.

Apple slogan 'There's an app for just about anything'. That so true. I've recently downloaded 3 apps in order to help me get back into shape and hopefully with the motivation of a few people I can keep working at it and not get lazy.

The 1st app I downloaded was CrunchFu, part of the GymFu family. This helps out with stomach crunches in order to tone my torso area.

The 2nd was the Bupa Health app. An all round general health app that will hopefully benefit my health as well as my body.

And lastly was just a general pedometer. I usually do a lot of walking so I'd like to know how many steps I've taken and how much I've burned.

I aim to do a light jog every morning at 6am, go about my daily activities and right before bed, follow the planned workouts from the apps. My eating pattern won't change, I'll still eat the same foods, however unhealthy they may be.

I've lost weight before so the little I may or may not have gained can be lost easily. Who knows, maybe I'll come out with a fitness DVD next year. People that shouldn't be making them did so hey, let me con people into doing something that worked for me and may not necessarily work for them.

Anyway, at 2:10am, I need to sleep!

Toodles readers!!

Black Crayon

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