Black Crayon

Black Crayon

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Good deeds reap rewards!


So I went to do a photo shoot with a few fashion students. Great girls, lovely people. Despite the weather, I actually had a good time. But today was a monster of days, as fun as it may have been, the snow was a killer! shooting in the snow whilst the model (Jo - not that you know her) was wearing next to nothing. So a big thumbs up to her. She was so patient. As we're going to leave, the vehicle I'm driving decides its not going to move on the snow. Well ice really. 
Some how, I got it turned around but eventually, it wouldn't move forward or backwards but it did inconveniently start to move towards the car next to me. Without care I would have hit. Had to stop and think of a solution when out of nowhere a guy comes from his taxi with a shovel and grit. What a life saver!!

Anyway, here's some of the pics from all three shoots.



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