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Black Crayon

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Pow 2010/2011

Pow? Again? Really?

What's Lethal really up to? First he comes out with "let's get pow to number one this Christmas" which, let's be real, was never going to happen. Pow was good in its time be be serious!! How many years after are you going to now resurrect an old song and try and get it to number one!? If I'm honest, that is a stupid idea!

Ok so now he brought this to our ears. At first I thought this might actually be good, I'll give it a chance. Oh how wrong I was. The only person I actually enjoyed listening to on it was Kano and I don't even think that was him at his best. Wiley gave me jokes and I think he entertained many other people.

JME sounded like he just wanted to feature. He took an 8 from his album and sent it to Lethal. C'mon, this isn't the JME we used to go mad over. Those Adidas hoodie lines and "SERIOUS"... Gone are those days I guess.

Strangely a bunch of people asked me how they got all these guys together to record this track (As if I'm Lethal) but according to Lethal they sent their 8's from around the world. Wiley was in Jamaica, Kano was in America. He could tell me Ghettz sent his from prison and I'd believe because I truly don't see P Money and Ghettz in a studio together. Have they even quashed their beef? Was it even real? If you know, drop a comment below. I'd love to discuss this. Thanks.

I was talking to my friend today and she was telling me that people are gassed up off this tune and they have stated, AND I QUOTE, "Pow 2011 is much better than 'Game Over' by Tinchy n co."
This pissed me right off! Am I an idiot? All people that believe this should jump in a hold and never return. What a stupid thing to say. 
You have people on a track that have found the balance between mainstream and grime, make a tune that is accepted by everyone (ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO PAY FOR IT), featuring people that started with grime (don't really know where Giggs came from), and murdered it like re-offenders.
Pow 2010/2011 was an old artist trying to bring his career back to life with the same song he had when he started, bringing some artists that are known but not to the extent they would like to be or maybe should be, people that don't have a deal, people that think they're special although they aren't that big a deal, and a kid that probably feels he has something to prove to his haters by making grime, telling them he's not a complete sell out.
I cry out to Chipmunk, ignore them and do you. The last thing I want is to see Chipmunk dropped by any labels because his talent is just too much. Choose the tracks you jump on carefully.

Left a couple links for you all just in case you hadn't seen or heard anything I'm talking about.

You're probably wondering why this has no proper conclusion, or probably not. 
It's 1:38am and I'm ill.
And with that said, goodnight.


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