Black Crayon

Black Crayon

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


This is looong overdue but the other day I received a call asking if I wanted to go to a Mary J Blige concert for free. I know right? Insanity. Although I'm not a big fan of her, I'm not going to turn down a free concert.

Another thing I don't really like? Concerts in general. I just think they are very noisy and highly over populated. I feel like it's Lagos but without all the touching of people trying to get you to give them money or buy something. Maybe I'm just a bit of a grinch along with the fact that I don't really like crowds. 

Went to go sit down with my camera out and the steward guy tried to tell me I couldn't go in with my SLR. He obviously didn't know I was going in regardless. Anyway, he called a superior over and that dude said it was cool. Wish I has a telescopic lens though.

There were a few opening acts, one female rapper (We all know how that turned out) and Lemar. Yes Lemar for all of you that thought he was dead. He's not dead. He's actually doing quite well. And his band was amazing. And his drummer,  I learnt something last night, I did!

Oh yeah, Gyptian was there too. As you expect him to, he did a few tunes, gassed up all the girls by purring, did "Hold You" and that was his time.
I wonder if I purr at a girl I'd get her number? Or even better, scream at me and take a picture with me whilst her friends know not who I am.
He gets watt too mug ratings. He's not that great. 

I had a really crappy seat but then again the concert was free. Beggars can't be choosers. Music was alright, again, not a huge fan.

The main highlights of my night was the way they stopped serving food before she came one therefore starving me whilst listening to her song. 
During the concert a woman came and sat next to me. I assumed that was her seat. Whatever the case may be, she casually farted like it was nothing. It stank and filled me with rage. 
The amount of females were there was amazing. I would have been scared if thy were all feminists. Intact, if they were, you would not be reading this right now!!!
Dno how well or bad I was dressed, but I caught the attention of a lot of females. A certain female so wanted to say hello. Should have spoken to her. Ah well. 

After the concert, Monster (My friend Yvonne) and I went McDonald's and rah ordered legends. Mine was with bacon with mayo n hers was normal wit salsa. Typically, they got it WRONG! They put salsa in both. 

Mini rage!

Oh well. Got home and played FIFA Ultimate Team. Joy!!

Enjoy the pics, even though it's hard to make anything out and my seat was probably the worst!

Once again, let me stress how bad my seat was!!!

My friend and c***-block - Monster (Yvonne)

Lemar opening the show in such a fashion. His band was amazing!


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